Aba Hascha Europe in August and September 2024. Book your city.

After successful tour of “Aba Hascha Australia” and “Aba Hascha America” in multiple cities of Australia and the United States of America respectively, Mama Events Oy is organizing the Europe Tour of renowned comedian artists, Bharatmani Paudel, Kailash Karki and Suman Karki as continuation of series in European version i.e. “Aba Hascha Europe”. This is the first of it’s kind event in European event scene of Nepalese diaspora. Thus, the whole package is curated in the best possible and the most professinal manner.

Bharatmani Paudel

Bharat Mani Poudel is a stand-up comedian and title winner of โ€œ Comedy Champion Season-2โ€, the most presitgious comedy reality show of Nepal.

Before starting his journey as a stand-up comedian, Bharat worked as a R.J.and technician at Radio Tamor 102 MHz. Undoubtedly, Paudel is a talented and versatile content-based comedian gaining popular among all age group. Caricature has been his strongest tool in stage performance and the same genre established his popularity among audiences. His caricature as ex. Prince Paras Shah has been widely praised.

Bharatmani have performed in various local stages of Nepal as well as abroad in Australia, USA, UAE and many more. Beside Europe, countries like Canada, Japan and Korea is adding up in 2024/25.

Bharatmani Paudel

Suman Karki

Suman Karki, a notable figure in Nepalese entertainment, is recognized for his talents as both an actor and a stand-up comedian.
His notable achievements include being a top 5 contestant on Comedy Champion season 1, showcasing his comedic prowess and earning recognition for his performances. Karki is celebrated for his caricatures and mimicry, skillfully imitating famous comedians, actors, politicians, and more. He continued his comedy journey in various reality shows collecting even more praise and love from fans. He have made noteable presence in the international tours in Australia, the USA, the UK and many more. His stage show demand is sky-rocketing day by day.

Apart from stand-up comedy show, Karki is considered a to-be-star in movie industry through remarkable debut in the blockbusters, “Dimag Kharab” and “Mahajatra” in 2023 and 2024 respectively.

His journey into comedy began in 2012, marking the inception of his career as a comedian. Karki’s multifaceted abilities have led him to diverse roles, including hosting the reality show “Dancing with the Stars Nepal” and participating in the comedy-reality show “Comedy Club with Champions,” aired on Nepal Television.

Through his mimicry, humor, and engaging performances, Suman Karki has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry, entertaining audiences with his unique comedic style and talent.

Kailash Karki

Kailash Karki showcased his comedic skills in two seasons of Comedy Champion as a participant. In the first season, he made it to the top 15, and in the second season, he advanced even further, reaching the top 6. Currently, he captivates audiences with his performances on a television program, “Comedy Club with Champion”.

Kailash Karki’s humor and wit have earned him recognition and a growing fan base within the Nepali comedy scene. He continues to entertain and bring laughter to viewers through his television appearances.

Kailash Karki have been an important member of Comedy tours for his stage performance in Australia and USA. His future stage shows are being confirmed for Canada, New Zealand and Japan in 2024/2025.