Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. General Policy Overview: This cancellation and refund policy applies to all online event ticket sales conducted by Mama Events Oy at our website By purchasing tickets through our platform, you agree to adhere to the terms outlined in this policy.

2. Ticket Purchase, Cancellation and Refund Eligibility:
2.1. All ticket sales are final i.e. No Cancellation, changes and refunds will be issued only under specific circumstances as outlined below.
2.2. Refund eligibility varies based on the type of event and the terms set by event organizers. Please refer to the event description for specific refund information.
2.3. The availability of refunds may be subject to the event organizer’s policies and local laws.

3. Refund Scenarios:
3.1. Event Cancellation: In the event of event cancellation, ticket holders will be eligible for a full refund of the ticket price. Refunds will be processed automatically and should appear in the original payment method within 5 business days.
We will notify the cancellation of the event as soon as possible via email provided during the purchase of the ticket and our website. We will provide the full instruction on refund process due cancellation on follow up emails and through our website.
In case you do not receive our email nor reach our webpage notice, you can contact us in our contact details or by filling forms found in our contact page:
Please mention the following details

  • Order/ticket number
  • Name of the bearer of the ticket
  • Name of the event

3.2. Date/Time Change: If the event date or time is rescheduled, ticket holders will have the option to attend the rescheduled event or request a refund. Refund requests must be submitted within 3 days from the announcement of the rescheduled date. 3.3. Artist/Performer Change: If the main artist or performer is changed, ticket holders will still be entitled to attend the event. Refunds will not be provided for artist/performer changes.
3.4. Personal Circumstances: Refunds based on personal circumstances, such as travel delays, illness, or scheduling conflicts, are generally not provided. However, event organizers may offer partial refunds or ticket transfers at their discretion.
3.5. Technical Issues: In the event of technical glitches, such as website errors or payment processing failures, that prevent successful ticket purchase, affected users may be eligible for a refund. Users must contact our customer support within 48 hours of the issue occurring to request a refund.

4. Refund Request Process:
4.1. To request a refund, ticket holders must contact our customer support team via email, within 14 days of the event date.
4.2. Refund requests should include the following information:

  • Order/ticket number
  • Name of the bearer of the ticket
  • Name of the event

5. Refund Processing:
5.1. Once a refund request is received, our customer support team will review the request and communicate with the event organizer, if necessary.
5.2. Refunds will be processed using the original payment method used for the ticket purchase.
5.3. Processing times for refunds may vary based on payment providers and can take up to 5 business days.

6. Non-Refundable Fees:
6.1. In some cases, non-refundable fees, such as processing fees or service charges, may apply to ticket purchases. These fees will not be refunded unless the event is canceled.

7. Contact Information: For any inquiries or assistance related to refunds, please contact our customer support team at

8. Changes to the Policy: Mama Events Oy reserves the right to modify or update this Cancellation and Refunds Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.