Halkara-Postimies, NEPALI MOVIE “HALKARA” With Finnish Subtitle screened in Vantaa

Do you know?
Halkara-Postimies has bestowed with numerous international award including nomination for Oscars from Nepal.



An unemployed village drunk accepts a postman position and ventures into the remote villages of Nepal. In his journey, he must face the challenges and responsibilities of his new job while confronting the personal demons of his past.
This is the story of Nepal in 90s and potrays how our society has been impacted due to foreign employment which is still prevalent.

An official trailer for Finland screening here:

For the first time in Finland, Mama Events Oy initiated the screening of Nepalese feature film with Finnish language subtitles and targeted the screening to Finnish speaking audiences living in Vantaa and nearby cities such as Helsinki and Espoo.

The movie was screened at one of the retro theater, Kino Myyri situated at the heart of Myyrimäki district of Vantaa. Altogether three screenings were scheduled. Numerous audiences showed up and poured love to this masterpiece . We collected amazing feedback about the Halkara-Postimies and audiences were keen about Nepalese digital contents for the future reference too.

Lastly Mikko smiled a bit and said, “Finns should watch this movie so that they get the answer to why Finland deserves the title of the happiest country in the world.”

Mikko (This is not the real name.), an audience from the movie talked to one of our crews with wet eyes in tears and emotional state, that the movie touched him down to his heart as he knows a Nepalese family back home who has lost his son in construction work in Qatar. He discusses a serious topics about how migrant workers from developing countries like Nepal lose their lives in contruction and risky jobs in Middle eastern countries like Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. Mikko highlighted the fact that 2100 Nepalese migrant workers has lost their lives since 2010 in Qatar alone. The number is even higher for Saudi Arabia and Malaysia counting 3500 lives. Mikko recommended the movie to Finnish residents to be aware on what is happening on the other part of the world. Lastly he smiled a bit and said, “Finns should watch this movie so that they get the answer to why Finland deserve the title of the happiest country in the world.”

The movie has been loved worldwide by audiences around the globe. The imdb score of 9.5/10 proves the strength of the movie. Also, the movie has won multiple awards in international film festivals . Some to mention were Remi winner from WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and best long narrative from Nepal America International Film Festival. The movie was selected for 9th edition of Asia Film Festival in USA as well as received nomination for Oscars from Nepal.

If you are an orgainzer of Film Festival or you know someone who is looking for an international movies to add to the screening list, please feel free to contact us. We own the distribution right of various international movies. All the movies we distribute have English or Finnish subtitle and classified age rating in Finland from National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI).

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